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IARD is a privately held company that offers radiometers and custom built electro-optical systems as well as research, development and measurement services.

IARD team consists on physicists and engineers with expertise in complex radiometric measurements, remote sensing and development of models for related Electro-Optical phenomena.

IARD provides:

  • Multi-Channel fast Radiometers and related products
  • Radiometric measurement services
  • Development of custom Elecro-Optical systems
  • R&D services in the Electro-Optics and Remote-Sensing

IARD's customers come from different types of industries including defense and homeland security, medical and start-up companies.

Our Products:

colorad minirad microrad orion multirad NGLSD ofri
ColoRad MiniRad MicroRad Orion MultiRad NGLSD DeFog (OFRI)