MultiRad - Multi Spectral Fast Radiometer

The MultiRad measures radiant intensity in 5-8 spectral channels. It was designed and built to measure fast transients that have a medium (and high) radiant intensity in the UV-VIS-IR spectral regions. In this way, it satisfies the requirements of flare developers to allow them to compare their signatures to those of the platforms the flares were designed to protect.

The MultiRad is a fully integrated system that contains the optics, chopper detectors and electronics all built into a compact unit.

The radiometric output of the MultiRad is logged into the system computer. User-friendly analysis software processes the data of the measured signals.

Each optical channel is composed of optics, detector, electronics and Lock-in amplifiers. The optics, detector and its corresponding electronics are customized according to the customer's needs. The optics and detectors options are described in the engine options table