Modeling and Simulation

IARD modeling and simulation team has been involved in developing and validating mathematical models for various E-O phenomena for over the past 20 years. The team provides to IARD customers modeling and simulation services that includes:
  • Modeling and simulation of Electro-optical systems
  • Prediction of the Temperature behavior of complex targets
  • Modeling plume radiation
  • Atmospheric transmittance and scattering
  • Signature analysis
IARD modeling team had developed the CUBI benchmark target for validation of thermal models. More information can be found in the CUBI forum

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Radiometric Measurement

IARD Radiometric team has been carrying out radiometric measurements over the past 20 years. The team provides ground based as well as air and sea borne complex radiometric measurement services to its customers. The team expertise is in multi-spectral signature measurements of:

  • Munitions flashes
  • Fast moving targets
  • Final ballistics
  • Rocket launches
  • Laser retro-reflectance

IARD has the infrastructure needed for such measurements:

  • Fast multi-spectral radiometers
  • Radiometric cameras spanning the electro-optic spectrum from the UV to the LWIR
  • Data acquisition and analysis software
  • Pedestal with GPS aidedtarget tracking
  • Meteorological station
  • Mobile radiometric lab
  • Calibration equipment

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Custom Elecro-Optical Systems: design and prototyping

IARD Team has the capabilities and tools to design and build complicated custom Electro-Optical systems. IARD provide a "one stop shop" where your idea can be realized and become a prototype. IARD services include the multidisciplinary capabilities:

  • Optical and Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Signal and image processing
  • Algorithm development
Custom EO Systems

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Remote Sensing

IARD Team has the experience and know how required for development of solutions by utilizing remote sensing. IARD expertise includes:
  • Multispectral image analysis
  • Hyperspectral data exploitation
  • Color analysis and color corrections
  • Image processing and algorithm development

Sample of applications developed by IARD team using remote sensing techniques:

  • Bathymetry by multispectral imaging
  • Removing atmospheric effects in video images
  • Automatic gem evaluation
  • Camouflage design and camouflage efficiency assessment from broad band imagery
  • Diagnosis of ear infection by hyperspectral measurements
  • Diagnosis of skin cancer by multuspectral imaging



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