ColoRad - Multi Spectral Fast Radiometer

The ColoRad is a fast multi-channel radiometer which is able to perform simultaneous radiometric measurements in up to 4 channels (two of which can be cryogenically cooled) with high sensitivity and speed. In this way, it satisfies the requirements of scientists and engineers who need to measure the signatures of fast transients from close (meters) and large (>100 km) distances. The ColoRad is the perfect tool for performing field measurements in up to 4 user-defined spectral bands.

  • Radiometric channels are customer configurable and cover the range 0.2÷14 µm
  • Field of view (FOV) options for 40 or 80 mrad with the ability to add telescopes for wide or narrow FOV
  • Two modes of operation:
    Chopped mode using built in lock-in amplifiers for high sensitivity Direct mode for fast measurements (with rise times <10 µsec)
  • User replaceable spectral and ND filters easily replaced during operation
  • Completely computer controlled
  • Built in data acquisition with USB2.0 data connection